Dietitian Certified

It became my mission!

Health and Fitness has always been my interest and simply, my upbringing. From an early age my father nurtured me through martial arts to elite netball. The combination of mental, physical and emotional development led me to the path of combining my passion for nutrition and teaching others to nurture and embrace health and fitness. My career as a Nutritionist/Dietitian stems from a Bachelor of Science to a Masters of Nutrition & Dietetics. Whilst gaining experience in the medical industry and the corporate industry; I built a successful clinical practice. Why successful; because people achieved results, without hunger and without restriction. Healthy Empire Goods started as a joke amongst good friends, to create a rum ball that is low calorie and actually healthy, so it became my mission. As I collected ideas and was completely and utterly inspired by my friend, who is now my business partner, I developed a unique health ball.

Our health ball was accepted by the market with enthusiasm as it tasted unlike any other, yet it had the qualities of a true health product. Working with my clients to achieve results, I realized the impact that this ball had on their treatment. They displayed control at the most vulnerable time of the day and enjoyed what tastes like a treat with great enthusiasm. It was a revelation, the purest ingredients carefully combined to form synergy between health and taste. My daughter also teaches me every day and I believe that we as parents share a common role, to teach and nurture our children into healthy habits that will remain with them for life. Healthy Empire, started out on the streets of Melbourne and I am so proud every time I hear from a client, a customer, a shop owner, a wholesaler, how, our products have made them feel, happy and healthy. We are committed to continue to create unique and rare products for you, for your body, mind and soul, for your EMPIRE.


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Vicky Gomez

Nutritionist Dietitian

Manufactured in Australia.

M: 0432 648 696

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