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Great ingredients form the foundations of great food products.


Acai (ah-sigh-EE) berry, native to the South American rainforests is one of the most nutritious berries you will find. They are loaded with antioxidants, far superior to other commonly eaten berries. Acai also rich in amino acids, fibre, healthy fats and a host of vitamins and minerals making it a near perfect energising fruit. With a taste reminiscent of wild berries and chocolate, it’s the perfect addition to your daily smoothie regime.

Raw Ingredients - Acai

Almond Meal

Produced from ground almonds, almond meal is gluten-free and the perfect tasty substitute to flour. It contains a healthy top up of important minerals including manganese, copper and riboflavin, which is essential for energy production and organ, muscle and nerve function. Almond meal is also a good source of protein: ¼ cup has 6gms.

Raw Ingredients - Almond Meal


Referred to as the wonder nut, almonds are among the world’s best sources of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which helps nourish the skin and prevent ageing. They also contain high levels of “healthy fats” and are a rich source of fibre, protein, riboflavin and magnesium, perfect for maintaining heart health. A ¼ cup of almonds gives you 67% of your daily Vitamin E allowance…so munch away.

Raw Ingredients - Almonds

Beetroot Powder

Retaining all the protective nutrients of ripe beets, beetroot powder is a nourishing tonic packed with antioxidants, dietary fibre and a host of vitamins and minerals. Most remarkably, beets are naturally rich in nitrates; compounds that can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure. With its eye-catching colour and sweet earthy taste, you can’t go past beetroot powder for a big hit of nutrition.

Raw Ingredients - Beetroot Powder


The humble little blueberry is sweet, delicious and delivers a huge range of health benefits with every mouthful. They are low in calories and an excellent source of antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Fibre, which help to promote optimal heart, brain and blood sugar health. It’s not wonder why blueberries are considered one of natures wonder foods.

Raw Ingredients - Dried Blueberries

Cocoa Nibs

Made from raw cacao beans that come straight from the tropical fruit, cocoa nibs are rich in iron, magnesium and phytonutrients, making them nature’s edible energy boost and happy superfood. They also have more antioxidant activity than tea, wine and even goji berries. Just 2 tablespoons of cocoa nibs will keep you feeling fuller for longer, containing 9gm fibre and with an intense chocolaty taste, who could resist.


Don’t be fooled by it’s brown and hairy appearance, coconuts are a tropical wonder fruit, packing a powerful nutritional punch. Rich in minerals, eating coconut helps to support the development of strong, healthy bones and teeth, making them the perfect alternative for those who are vegan or lactose intolerant. Coconuts also possess anti-bacterial properties to provide you with deliciously sweet immunity bolstering power.


Don’t be fooled by their size, these tiny seeds pack a powerful punch of energy boosting power. Chia seeds are rich in dietary fibre, omega 3-fatty acids and protein and are also a great source of magnesium and calcium. Recognised as a modern day super-food, no other plant-based source is loaded with this much goodness for your body and brain.


A delicious and naturally sweet little spice, cinnamon is loaded with powerful antioxidants and is also a very good source of dietary fibre, calcium and manganese. Just ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon daily can have positive effects on digestion, blood sugar levels and immunity, making it one of the most beneficial spices on earth.

Raw Ingredients - Cinnamon

Organic Cacao

The amazon’s antioxidant king, cacao has the highest antioxidant value of all natural foods in the world and is an excellent source of minerals iron and magnesium. It also contains “bliss” chemicals and with a delicious flavour, is a natural (and legal) way to improve mood and promote a sense of well being. The purest guilt free replacement for chocolate.

Belgium Cocoa

The indulgent aroma and delectable rich chocolate flavour of cocoa can provide some incredible nutritional benefits. Cocoa contains powerful antioxidants, twice the amount of red wine and is also rich in essential minerals iron, magnesium, copper and manganese which helps support your heart, bones and immune system. Choose the unsweetened version and your body will thank you.

Raw Ingredients - Organic Cocoa


Oddly wrinkled and brown exterior. Ugly little things aren’t they?…but don’t be fooled by their appearance, dates are packed with a host of nutrients including dietary fibre and Vitamins A and K, providing several benefits for your skin, hair and overall health. Just 3 dates will have you well on your way to optimal digestive health, providing women with 19% of their recommended daily fibre intake and men 16%. Dates…our bowels best friend.

Himalayan Salt

Mined from 5,000 feet deep below the Himalayan Mountain Range, Himalayan salt is said to be one of the purest salts found on earth. Harvested naturally and without chemical processing or refinement, Himalayan salt is rich in over 80+ minerals including iodine, potassium, magnesium and calcium, so it does more than just make your food tastier

Organic Oats

Oats are among the most nutritious whole-grains on earth, placing them at the top of the health food charts. Rich in soluble fibre (beta-glucans), oats have numerous health benefits, helping to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promote a healthy gut and increase feelings of fullness. Oats are also loaded with important nutrients and minerals including protein and iron designed to boost energy levels and help you lead a healthy lifestyle.


Also known as pumpkin seeds, pepitas are nutritional powerhouses packed into a little bite. They provide a rich source of essential fatty acids (healthy fats), protein, magnesium and zinc. Zinc supports healthy skin and immune function and magnesium is essential for energy production and heart health. A tasty snack that doubles as an impressive health food.

Raw Ingredients - Pepitas

Pomegranate Powder

A Persian superfood, pomegranate powder is dehydrated from pomegranate seeds and juice, preserving all of the goodness inside. It boasts a powerful blend of micronutrients, especially Vitamin K and Vitamin C and strong antioxidant properties. Vitamin C supports your body’s natural defence system and Vitamin K helps build strong bones. A nutritious miracle powder, that’s sweet and delicious.

Raw Ingredients - Pomegranate Powder


Quinoa (keen-wah) is an old ancient Inca grain. It’s naturally gluten free, has a deliciously rich nutty flavour and provides great versatility in the diet. It’s protein rich and is one of the few plaint foods containing all 9 essential amino acids, particularly lysine, which promotes tissue growth and repair. Quinoa is also high in fibre: 1 cup has 5 gms; that’s almost twice the amount of fibre as most other grains.

Raw Ingredients - Quinoa

Organic Rice Protein

Made from organically certified, raw, sprouted wholegrain brown rice, rice protein is dairy, lactose and gluten free so it’s ideal for vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies. It contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a highly valuable long-term complete protein source. And best of all, rice protein is easily digested and gentle on the stomach. At 20g of protein per serve, it’s the ideal choice post- training.


A green leafy plant, native to South America, Stevia has been used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. The king of natural sweeteners, Stevia has a distinctively sweet flavour and is 100% natural, low GI and has no calories or carbs. Choose the organic, raw and unrefined version and it will make it the perfect health conscious choice for lovers of sweet treats.

Organic Sultanas

Naturally low in fat and cholesterol and high in fibre, this plump and juicy dried fruit provides an excellent source of potassium, iron, thiamine and phenols (antioxidant). Potassium plays a key role in regulating blood pressure and iron is necessary for effective oxygen transport. Grab a handful of these and enjoy a deliciously sweet dose of health giving nutrients.

Raw Ingredients - Sultanas

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