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A delicious smoothie or snack designed with every intention to give you the result you need.

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More than just a healthy snack company.

Deliciously free of guilt with every tasty bite or sip

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Innately, it’s what we do.

By design, we operate at our best when we nurture our bodies.

We know that the foundations of sustainability lay on health and wellbeing. While you strive for that goal, we’ve made ours to  ensure that a little dose of nurture is never too far away.


We are the empowered and the empowers. We seek to motivate our customer base to take control of their health conscious lifestyles


We created this Healthy Empire to facilitate easy access to goodness.

Knowing that a large factor in people making poor health decisions is due to misinformation and inaccessibility. We value the hustle and grind it takes to be a busy mum, entrepreneur, creative or business woman, so creating sustainability from a  foundation of health is the solution.


Science can be scary. Luckily, it’s kind of our thing. The foundation of Healthy Empire is built on knowledge.

When you know better, you do better – so we place great value on bringing you a small change to do better. Taking the ‘scary’ out of science, and leaving the taste test to you.

AWE!! Thanks for the Love!

Check out what our customers have to say

Product range balls

Honestly. Loved It!!

Ok so tony and I had the green one this morning. We all think it tastes like green tea ice cream. It was delicious. We all absolutely loved it. Delicious. Honestly. Loved it.


Oooo Excellent

Yum! Tasted a little bit like the Natures Way vanilla protein powder and a little bit like the Food for Health cleansing muesli. I added strawberries and blueberries!

Oooo excellent

Sandra C


Im LOVING the vanilla Smoothie ! I think it’s the hemp. Delsh. Great with half a banana, some berries and a spoon of extra vanilla….



I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been drinking your companion smoothie every single day for the last year and I’m completely obsessed.


Blooooody Delicious!

Greentastic smoothie is blooooody delicious!!

Peni P

Very Nice!

The breakfast Powder is Very nice Vick’s..



Green matcha smoothie powder, Delicious !!

Answer: Thanks Kathy for the feedback I’m glad you liked it!!



Your protein Powder is delicious…….yummmmmmmmmm

Answer: I know and it is so good for you..


Manufactured in Australia.

M: 0432 648 696

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